Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moss Released: Who's Laughing Now?

So when I last commented that the Vikings had gotten Moss I thought that New England would eventually come out the winner in this trade. Little did I know was that Randy would prove me right (for once) so soon. The Vikings got 13 catches in 4 games and gave up a 3rd round pick. Remember, the Pats only had to give up a 4th rounder to get them so they really cleaned house. Moss just made Belichick look even smarter than he already is. It will be interesting to see who picks Moss up off the waiver wire, if anyone.

I wonder how this plays out with the Vikings front office. It looks like Childress has lost the confidence of the team and possibly management. Maybe he'll be following in Randy's footsteps and is the next to go.

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Ferris said...

Breaking!!! Moss hates Midwestern food: