Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All We Want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa

Is for the Knicks to finish 2010 with a better than .500 record.  A recent hot streak is great because they have a TOUGH next couple of weeks coming up.

The Knicks are currently at 13-9 with more wins than only four other Eastern Conference teams.  Starting tonight against Toronto, here's a sneak peak at the rest of December.

vs. Toronto
@ Washington
vs. Denver
vs. Boston
vs. Miami
@ Cleveland
vs. Oklahoma City
vs. Chicago
@ Miami
@ Orlando

The good news is a lot of the games are at home.  The bad news is they are against some of the better teams in the league, some in particular are finding their winning ways (cough cough miami). 

Let's go for wins against Toronto, Washington, Cleveland, Chicago, and one against one of the other premiere teams.   2011 begins with a record of 18-14.  We'll be thrilled. 

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Anonymous said...

I think the Knicks proved they will be a formidable foe come playoffs. Yes, a long way from now and plenty of things could happen between now and then, but they took the Eastern Conferences best team down to the wire and if only for .1 more of a second would have come out victorious.

Boston was perfect from the charity stripe and that was the difference event NYK going a respectable 21/26. Lesson learned. That's what great teams do-all the little things that at the end of game can be the difference maker.

The Knicks have to feel good despite the loss. They should go into Friday's game hungry and primed to win against the hottest team in the league.

All of this makes me wonder if getting someone like Carmelo Anthony would be good for this team. I'm not so sure anymore. Not at the expense of having to give up Danilo, Wilson, Landry and some draft picks. I think Denver's price is too high and 'Melo as good as he is offensively, we need someone who plays defense. Come May/June there will be very few shoot-outs. Playsoffs mean defense and that's where we should be looking to improve.