Thursday, July 22, 2010

CP3 to NYC

Rumors are Chris Paul is going to demand a trade out of New Orleans prior to this season starting and the Knicks are high on the list. The Knicks definitely have some trade-worthy talent and this would add further speculation to 'Melo joining Knicks in 2011 once his contract is up, which would make a formidable Eastern Conference loaded with the NBA's top talent.

Thoughts on who the Knicks would have to give up to get CP3 in NYC?


Ferris said...

Maybe their 2011 draft pick (which Houston has the right to swap for theirs) and an expiring salary or two (or three).

Hmmm... so 2011 1st rounder, Wilson Chandler, Bill Walker... after that it depends on what they want. If they're looking for cap flexibility moving forward they'd take Curry. If they're high on Gallinari or Randolph maybe one of them.

I think it's less about who they want FOR Chris Paul and more about who they want to trade along with Chris Paul (okafor's 4 years for $53 million).

I know that the Hornets are high on Collison and that he filled in well for an injured Paul last season, but not sure they are ready to turn the starting PG role over to him... If the knicks could trade felton before December 15th I think that's a done deal. Not sure how Felton and Paul partner in a backcourt along with Toney Douglas (another trade possibility, sadly since I think he's awesome).

MC ENTIRE said...

I think Felton's contract forbids the Knicks from trading him until after December.

The problem is that there is little incentive for New Orleans to trade CP3 now. He's under contract and unless this would really benefit the Hornets they can tell him to shut up and play.

It helps (a little) that the Knicks are in the Eastern Conference, but I don't see the Hornets bending over backwards to please Paul and sending him where he wants to go. If they do trade him, it will be wherever they can get the right package of players/picks/money. Paul doesn't have a lot of bargaining power, but giving the front office a headache for the next year.

Ferris said...

Is CP3 a free agent in 2011 or 2012? I thought it was next summer along with Melo and Tony Parker but the recent articles about his desire for a trade say he can't exercise a player's option until 2012?

MC ENTIRE said...

He signed a 3 year extension in 2008 with a player option for a 4th year. So he can opt-out after this season and become a free agent.

But, the CBA and looming lockout will drive a lot of these guys to get traded before summer 2011 so they can sign deals under the current CBA, which I think is ultimately driving CP3 to put pressure on the Hornets now. He wants a new team and a new contract or he'll potentially lose out on some money.

If he has to wait a year, Knicks are ideal fit because he's a player that can benefit from Madison Avenue and any money he doesn't get from the NBA he'll be able to make up with 40-story billboards in Times Square.

Lindsay said...

I prefer Deron Williams....wait for a real superstar, leave CP3 alone.

MC ENTIRE said...

Deron in a Knicks uniform would be ideal...except he's not a free agent until 2012. In a lot of ways that can work out for the Knicks. They have some legitimate talent and depth, albeit young, but if the ultimate goal is a title than waiting a few years to put together a complete team-then 2012 is not that far off. BUT-

Say they don't pull a trade for a superstar for like Chris Paul, I think a Raymond Felton can develop into the type of PG a team needs. He was ridiculous behind the arc last year while still being the consummate point guard and can be signed to a long term deal for a very cap friendly number. So there is a lot to be happy with, if we are stuck with someone like Felton for the next couple of years.

A mistake would be if the Knicks signed Tony Parker. I love Parker, but i loved him a hell of a lot more 5 years ago. He's getting old, a step slower, and more injury prone than ever. He's an overpriced trap.

Regardless, if the Knicks can bring in Chris Paul, they have to-he's one of the few players you cannot pass up on in this league and fits perfectly with Mike's system.

If no CP3, then Deron should be a top free agent in 2012 and would be a priority. Adding to the speculation he'd leave is that Utah has taken a big hit this year in losing players.

We all know that timing is everything: in love, in life, and yes-even in basketball. The timing for Deron to come to the Knicks seems a bit far fetched for now, but even a broken watch is right two times a day.