Monday, July 19, 2010

Knickerbocker Nation Summer League Wrap-up

Mike and Donnie must be pretty happy with how the summer league went for their rookies and 2nd year players. Summer league isn’t so much about wins and losses, but more about how the guys compete and handle the pressure. Clear standouts are rookie Landry Fields (SF, 6’7”) who averaged 15 points a game and shot an impressive 53% from the field. . I can see the Knicks trying to move Fields to shooting guard down the road. Toney Douglass was the appointed captain and averaged 14 points and 5 assists and looked good as the floor leader. Bill Walker dropped 25lbs this offseason and it paid off as he attacked at will and showed impressive range. Looks like the Knicks will definitely pick up the option on his contract and resign him. Jerome Jordan did a good job at center and should make the team. Rautins is a heady player, but really struggled with his shooting and will be on the bubble coming into training camp. All in all there are 4 players that are locks to make the roster with a few more in the mix.


Ferris said...

Patrick Ewing Jr! Bill Walker is a steal at $850,000 for this season - no way the knicks don't pick up his option, even if just as an expiring contract they can use at the trade deadline with Chandler and Curry.

Really excited about Landry Fields (have I mentioned that yet?). Wish that they would have drafted Lance Stephenson or big Zoubek who dreamt of playing for the Knicks (something about bringing in players who WANT to play in MSG sounds appealing to me).

MC ENTIRE said...

Oh PE Jr. I don't think he makes the cut this year even if pops was coach. Walker is a steal and I think they'd be smart to re-sign him to a long term deal unless they want to package him with Curry for say...Melo. Fair trade!

Stephenson was sitting there, the stars were aligned- we could have had him and Fields. Oh well. As is Mr. Fields made all the draft analysts look like asses as he really was one of the top players this summer.

Not Knicks related, but the Wildcat kids looked great. Oh-and Evans-#2 overall. A dud, total dud! Never draft someone top 5 that doesn't have a wow factor. Wall=Wow, Cousins=Wow, Fields=WOW!

Ferris said...

Jim Thorpe's top 15 summer league players via ESPN:

6. Landry Fields, Knicks
Summer-league stats: 15.6 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 1.6 spg

Like Harangody, Fields does not yet look the part of an NBA player, but his game is spot-on for the Knicks' style. He runs, shoots and finishes, and he has a great feel for the game overall. When considering talent plus fit, I think this may be the best overall draft selection of all 60 picks.

For the full list...