Monday, August 9, 2010

August 10th

August 10th is a big day in my sports year, 2010.  First, the USMNT is facing off against a competitive and new look Brazil team at the Meadowlands.  And second, the NBA is releasing it's complete schedule for the 2010-2011 season.

So far, just the marquee holiday matchups have been set.  Unfortunately, Miami does not open its season in Cleveland, but the Heat will indeed travel twice to Ohio to visit the artist formerly known as Lebron's old team.  Miami will open the season with a great matchup against the Boston Celtics that critics will pick apart for weeks before and after as if the Eastern Conference champion is being determined opening night.

As far are the Knicks are concerned, like in 2009 they again will play first on Christmas day, this year against their old rival Chicago Bulls (how great would a renewed Chicago/New York rivalry be for the NBA?).  Fingers are crossed the Heat will also make two trips to NYC, but if I remember correctly they visited the Garden twice last year so it's probably the Knicks turn to make two trips.

As season ticket holders, we at the Cubicle Coaches tend to be overly invested in the makeup of the Knicks home schedule.  But with excitement brewing, a potential storm looms on the horizon:  Tropical (?) Storm Isiah.

Despite running the Knicks organization into the ground with a group of underachieving players with bloated contracts that Donnie Walsh has struggled to disassemble, Isiah will be following his less than impressive 1st year coaching at Florida International University (7-25 overall record with a 4-14 showing in the fierce Sun Belt conference) with an improved showing.  His attention seems to be elsewhere, however, as he has accepted a position as a "paid consultant" for the Knicks.  To do what, exactly? Advocate to bring in terrible, injury prone players past their primes for enormous costs?  The Knicks finally are finished giving away their 1st round draft picks for Stephon Marbury after the 2010 draft, but had to give up 2012 and offer to swap 2011 with Houston to create something resembling salary cap space.

It goes without saying, that if the Knicks bring Thomas back as the General Manager, the Cubicle Coaches season tickets will not be renewed, bringing great pain and sadness to the friends and family of the blog.  Brooklyn Nets, anyone?


MC ENTIRE said...

I think Thomas must hate the Knicks. He hated them as a player w/Detroit and successfully destroyed them for 10 years while being the GM/coach. He's back to seal the deal. Why is Nolan on his nuts?

Lindsay said...

Is Melo really a good fit in NY?

MC ENTIRE said...

Yes. Will he bring the Knicks a Championship? We're probably still one player away. Melo would excel in the free flowing offense of Mike D. His career averages are 28 points, 6 boards, and 3 assists a game. I don't think those stats would spike and his shooting percentage needs to improve-career 46%- but he's easily one of the best SF in the league and would be a great compliment to A'mare as they both can get up and down the court.

The East is back to being a beast in the league, but the Celtics probably are fading out and last year was their last legitimate shot at a title. Clearly, Miami has to be the favorite to win it, but Orlando, Chicago, and Knicks have all gotten better this offseason. Adding Melo will make the Knicks a top team in the East, but not enough to get ring.

Ferris said...

I think if you took the current Knicks team and just replaced Eddy Curry for Carmelo Anthony (possible scenario next summer through Free Agency), New York would be in play to win an NBA championship and seriously compete with the Lakers, Heat, and Celtics. I don't think Melo is the type of guy to carry a team through the playoffs - he reminds me a bit too much of Iverson with his inconsistency and low FG % - and a lot would depend on Stoudamire, Gallo, and how Raymond Felton can perform down the stretch.

Regardless, Carmelo Anthony is one of the better players in the NBA and a move to a big market would absolutely begin to get him some of the credit and attention he has earned.

MC ENTIRE said...

biggest obstacle getting him is completing a direct deal with Denver. I don't think Curry, Galo and even a Randolph or 1st round pick is enough and I'm assuming Denver will deal him before the trade deadline unless Melo convinces them to hold out to do a sign and trade at the end of the season. Maybe a 3 or 4 team deal, but what are the chances?

Odds of getting Melo: 25%