Friday, August 20, 2010

The Torch Report: Champions?

So when I last wrote about the Liberty they had won 5 of 6 and we're in the hunt for the playoffs. A lot has changed since then and for the better. The month of August has seen this team come together and they are playing better than anyone in the league winning their last 10 games and tied for first place with Indiana. In fact, if the finals were tomorrow I'd take them over Seattle head to head in a 5 game series-that's how good they are playing.

What's the difference? They are no longer a 1 woman team. Nicole Powell has finally gotten comfortable in her new digs and is shooting 59% from the floor and a whopping 56% from behind the arc. When she is on they are near unbeatable. Taj has been a steady force in the paint and the veteran has put up double digits points in 4 of 5 games. McCarville is shooting 49%, which is her best month since May. Although she's not averaging as many points, she's taking better shots and is dishing out 3 assists and grabbing 6 boards a game. All positive and productive. Leilani Mitchell is quietly putting together a career season. There were doubts going into the season if she could be a starter in this league, but she's been beyond impressive. She's been solid on defense and a stud on offense. When the Liberty need a big shot she always seems to be able to knock it down. They are also getting key minutes from the bench with Pierson, Carson, and Greene that's letting the starters keep their minutes down as the Liberty play 4 games in 6 days.

Cappie continues to have a MVP type season. She's a team player who has made everyone around her play at a higher level. Her desire to win a championship is contagious and her leadership is setting the tone for this team. They are peaking at the right time, but still have 2 key games left on the schedule with a tough road game against Washington tonight.

The Liberty are set to make a deep run in the playoffs-possibly playing for a Championship. They have a playoff veteran led team with players and a coach who have won championships, which could be the X-factor that could bring New York their first championship.


Ferris said...

Great game on Wednesday night - and the on-court post game interviews with two of the players were almost as impressive as the Liberty's play down the stretch.

Amazing to see a player who Goes 30/12/5 or so commending the play of someone else, particularly a fill-in for a regular (McCarville? What's her status for Atlanta? And when does that series start?! I'm hooked - maybe not going buy season tickets yet, but the Knicks better bring it this year).

MC ENTIRE said...

Were you there? It was a great game although I hate it when any team has to not only beat their opponent, but the refs too. They made (and missed) some horrible calls.

Cap is about team and is probably one of the few stars in any professional league who cares more about winning than her stat line. But she really knows how to put a team on her back and carry them for as long as she needs to.

McCarville will dress, but I'm not sure if she'll be 100%. At one point she's probably going to have to decide how long is too long to rehab or just deal with it and play. Fortunately, we have good depth at that position.

And speaking of the Knicks-one thing I really appreciate is they always have someone there to support the ladies. Wilson Chandler goes to lots of games, I've seen A'mare and Galo a few times. On Wednesday, they had TD, Galo, Chandler, Randolph, Ewing Jr., and Mason. I know they're probably asked (forced) to go, but I still give them props for taking time out to support the Liberty.