Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fantasy Favorites

A few musings and predictions for your upcoming fantasy drafts...

Aaron Rogers is the only QB that is worth drafting in the first round (think after pick 9).

Larry Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the league who will never get the ball as long as Matt Leinart is QB. Careful here with picking him.

LT and Shonn Greene will produce like Stewart and Williams with Carolina. Saying it now-if LT stays healthy he gets 1000 yards this season. No particular reason, call it a hunch...

Bye week stacking-an interesting idea. Basically you draft a lot of guys who all have bye weeks the same week and essentially forfeit that one game, but then have a stacked line up the rest of the year. Never tried it, but this year I might.

Handcuffing-why on earth would you draft a running back who you thought was going to get injured just so you can waste a pick later in the draft on his back up. I have never understood this philosophy. Yes, everyone will say what about Michael Turner last year with Jason Snelling. My response: unless you're a mind reader why do you want to waste even a late round pick on a bench player. Waiver wires exist for a reason.

Ray Rice. Better year than Chris Johnson.

Some good rookies and 2nd year studs will be on a lot of teams.

Defense/kicker = your last 2 picks.

Jermichael Finley leads all TEs this year.

Be patient and value oriented. Just because everyone in your draft gets TE happy in the 4th round doesn't mean you should too or QB happy in the second round. Patience can pay off big time.

Questions, comments, complaints? hit me up.


Ferris said...

Getting excited for Wednesday night...

Yes, handcuffing is stupid. And while the concept of the bye week stacking is interesting and would be great if coincidentally 4 or 5 of my targeted starters had the same bye, I'm not going to take Eli Manning over Philip Rivers bc of a bye.

I'd say Jermichael Finley is a top 5 TE this year. Aaron Rodgers has too many targets and the Packers have too much depth at TE for him to be #1... then again, Dallas Clark finds a way to do it in crowded Indianapolis... also looking at Antonio Gates getting some stacked numbers at least the first few weeks of the season sans Vincent Jackson.

Lots of negativity in the press about Greene and LT being busts, but I agree and would love to have either/both on my team.

Value oriented is indeed the key... just because everyone else has a top ranked QB don't stretch and take Joe Flacco in the 3rd round. Esp. in a 12 team league, unless teams start drafting their backups and you are still QBless, unless you have Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees the next ten QBs will have relatively comparable fantasy seasons.

MC ENTIRE said...

Rumor-Jackson to Minnesota? He'd be a nice fit w/Favre. Does San Diego let him and his ego go?

Ferris said...

With Crayton trade to San Diego confirmed, doesn't look like the Chargers think Vincent Jackson will be suiting up anytime soon. At the same time, I think he's too good of a player to trade unless the Vikings offer a high draft pick or two.