Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Melo to Knicks?

So ESPN is reporting that the Nets pulling out of the Melo Sweepstakes-a good sign for the Knicks. Clearly, there is much that has to happen before Carmelo could join the Knicks and in most scenarios, the best one for the Knicks is if he stays put with Denver and becomes a free-agent. Denver will be patient and definitely try to trade Carmelo before the trade deadline so they get something in return. The Nets apparently put together an attractive package, but balked when Anthony would not agree to signing an extension and would have to give up way too much for possibly just having him for one season. That is 'Melo's only trump card and a good sign for the Knicks. There are a few other teams that have been mentioned that are interested, but no way Denver trades him to a Western Conference foe and there are few teams that will have the cap to sign him to a long term deal. So what are the odds he'll end up in a Knicks uniform during this season? I say 30%, but what are the odds he's at MSG for 2011? 65% and those are odds I'll take any day.


Ferris said...

The Nuggets will get something for Melo from NY... it's weird that's the way it works in the NBA but how much compensation did Toronto and Miami get again? And Golden State sending real prospects for David Lee?

They don't want to come up empty handed and without Melo being willing to sign an extension the Knicks could very well land him in (February) 2011.

MC ENTIRE said...

Denver has to get somebody in exchange for him or they're front office will win the James Dolan Award for Management.

It'd be nice to land him in February-just in time to get in sync for a deep playoff run for the Knicks/Heat 7 game series where we kick the crownless kings ass back to sobe.