Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week Two: Under the Radar

Ok, so after some stellar performance in week 1 (CJ2K, Arian Foster) and then some disappointments here are my picks for some players who will come up big in week 2.

Brandon Jacobs and everyone else for GB. They have Buffalo at home. 'nuff said.

Greg Camarillo: Shiancoe might be Favre's favorite target, but look for GC to emerge as his favorite WR.

Malcolm Floyd: I know Naanee had a monster game, but Floyd was River's favorite target. Look for him to put up solid numbers against the Jags.

Arian Foster: I guess after last week I can't really say he's under the radar, but it's like playing knockout-gotta prove it with one more game before he's no longer UTR.

Michael Vick: Can this really be? I see Vick running wild and doing some damage to Detroit.

Ahmad Bradshaw: Shakes off the cobwebs from a slow start in week 1 and is salivating to play that Indy D on Sunday night.

Dez Bryant: I think in his home debut he comes up big in big D.

Sam Bradford: I only saw the highlights from his debut, but playing Oakland could make him feel like he's back in college. His biggest fan might be the man behind w/Stephen Jackson finally thinking he might not have to face 8 man fronts every down.

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Ferris said...

Malcolm Floyd loses to many red zone targets to Antonio gAtes but is a good flex option.

Brandon Jackson will need to bring it after disappointing vs buffalo last week. Monday night vs the bears is the perfect chance to prove to packers faithful he can support Aaron Rodgers and a dangerous passing attack.

Foster and schaub are high upside starters but will rarely ever both have a big game. Schaub will have a monster 500 yard 4 td week followed by 2 or 3 average outputs. It's looking like foster can really take off those weeks, but a lot of fantasy owners would prefer consistency over single game explosions.