Thursday, September 9, 2010

Turducken Me

Some quick takes on each round of Turducken's legendary draft last night.

Round 3: 6RBs, 4WRs, 2QBs
Best pick: Pierre Thomas. Why? GaGa has CJ2K and Peyton Manning to go with him-that could be the best backfield all year.
Worst pick: Steve Smith. Doesn't help that Hakeem Nicks will be Eli's top target.
Big or Bust: Ryan Mathews. You never know with Rookies.

Round 4: 5RBs, 3WRs, 2QBs, 2TEs
Shocked with Eli going this high. I know there weren't a lot of QBs on the board, but Eli is hardly worth a 4th round pick. Considering the Vikings depleted receiving corps Favre is a stretch here as well. A few early TEs off the board, but when there names are Gates and Clark that's not a shock.
Best pick: Antonio Gates. I'm not a fan of TE's going this high, but considering SD doesn't have any proven WRs, Rivers will be relying heavily on Gates.
Worst pick: Eli Manning. He's good, but this is too high with so much talent on the board.
Big or Bust: Jamaal Charles and Matt Forte.

Round 5: 5RBs, 4WRs,1QB, 2TEs
Running backs are still the popular picks as teams are starting to get their core players together.
Best pick: Jermichael Finley
Worst pick: Joe Flacco (see note on Eli).
Big or Bust: Arian Foster. Can he live up to the hype?

Round 6: 4RBs, 5WRs, 3 TEs
Interesting that Felix Jones and Marion Barber both went n the 6th round. Someone will end up with the short end of the stick on this one.
Best pick: Michael Crabtree. He could be a steal this late.
Worst pick: Clinton Portis. He's got a lot of miles and is injury prone.
Big or Bust: Felix Jones. Can he finally establish himself at the Cowboys #1?

Round 7: 3 RBs, 5WRs, 2 TEs
Probably one of the most interesting rounds when you look at the upside/downside of each pick. Most teams are adding to their bench with this pick you can tell they're willing to be a bit more risky.
Best pick: Pierre Garcon. I think he'll push Reggie Wayne as Peyton's most prolific WR.
Worst pick: Zach Miller. You have Celek, Winslow, Shiancoe available and it's Miller time?
Big or Bust: C.J. Spiller. A rookie on a talent-less team. This might be a very large burden to carry.

Round 8: 3RBs, 4WRs, 1 TE, 2QBs, 2K
2 kickers in the 8th round? Really? Where is Seth Meyers when I need him.
Best pick: anyone not picking a kicker this high
Worst pick: TIE Kaeding and Gostkowski
Big or Bust: Ahmad Bradshaw. Can he get the touches to be legit starter?

Round 9: 3RBs, 3WRs, 1QB, 1K, 4Ds
More defenses selected than any other position!?!?!
Best pick: Matt Ryan. Good value this late in the draft.
Worst pick: Ryan Longwell. Again, a Kicker?
Big or Bust: LT and Thomas Jones: both veteran backups with fresh legs ahead of them-could be a waste of space on the roster.

Round 10: 3RBs, 4WRs, 2QBs, 3Ds
Best pick: Kevin Kolb
Worst pick: Darren Sproles
Big or Bust: Steve Slaton. Can he become relevant again in Houston?

Round 11: 2RBs, 3WRs, 1QB, 2TE, 3Ks, 1D
Best pick: Owen Daniels. Good value on a pass friendly team.
Worst pick: Leon Washington. Not enough PT for Leon this year.
Big or Bust: Mike Williams. Reunited with Pete Carroll and it feels so good?

Round 12: 4RBs, 5WRs, 1QB, 1TE, 1K
Best pick: Vincent Jackson. Great value. He'll play this year and pay off bigtime
Worst pick: None.
Big or Bust: None. A pretty safe round through and through.

Round 13: 4WR,1QB, 3TE, 1K, 3D
Best pick: Devery Henderson. The way Brees spreads the ball he could easily become a flex/3WR option
Worst pick: None
Big or Bust: Golden Tate

Round 14: 3RBs, 5WRs, 2QBs, 1TE, 1D
Best pick: Vince Young. He could actually become a legit fantasy QB this year. It's the 14th round. No harm, no foul.
Worst pick:none
Big or Bust: Dexter McCluster

Round 15: 1RB, 6WR, 1QB, 1TE, 2K, 1D
Best pick: Sidney Rice. Yes, he's out atleast 6 weeks, but that could mean 10 weeks with a top-10 WR. Just in time for playoffs.
Worst pick: none
Big or Bust: Mark Sanchez. Let's see if Sanchez has a sophmore slump.

Round 16: 2RB, 4WR, 1QB, 1TE, 3K, 1D
Best pick: anyone who picked a Kicker in the 16th round
Worst pick: anyone who didn't pick a kicker in the 16th round
Big or Bust: Heyward-Bey. Let's see if he can live up to his top draft status this year with a new QB.


Ferris said...

Round 3 - Going to disagree with the Steve Smith bust... he's a possession receiver in a PPR league. A little high for him to go but without another pick from #36 until #60, a good roll of the dice by the Dementors.

Round 4 - GGP's Joseph Addai pick is intriguing. As a 3rd RB after Chris Jonhson and Pierre Thomas not a bad pick but definitely at odds with a lot of pre-season jabber.

Round 5 - Jonathan Stewart fell 20 spots in the Turducken draft compared to the ESPN rankings... possibly a great value for Kathleen Turner Overdrive.

Round 7: Jahvid Best really fell this far in a keeper league? I'm a little shocked.

Malcolm Floyd could have a big year with Vincent Jackson missing in San Diego, not too sure about the Fred Davis pick at #83 but if Cooley gets hurt there's some potential there.

Round 8: Kickers in the 8th round aside, teams starting to pick their backup QBs before the Maddenisms and Brwlers have #1s! I'm stoked landing two starting RBs this late in the draft (Bradshaw and Cadillac Williams).

Round 9 - The endless debate - do defenses belong at the end of a draft like the kickers? The jury is out, but the #1 ranked defense going into a season the past 5 years has never been a top defense at the end of the season. Thomas JOnes and LT are great values in this round.

Round 12 - Splitting carries with an injury prone counterpart in Denver scared a lot of owners away from Correll Buckhalter in Denver, but not the chelsea Pirates. Props.

Round 13: Devery Henderson to the OakTown Griz - any member of the Saints Offense is a steal this late in the draft. Except maybe Jeremy Shockey.

Round 16: GSO Ballboys win the best irrelevant pick of the draft award spotting Jabar Gaffney, a super sleeper this year as the #1 WR in a pass happy offense in Denver. Team Murkin Man brings it all home with Alex Smith, an SF owner's hometown hero.

Stephen said...

I'll take Nate Kaeding over Kyle Orton any day of the week.

MC ENTIRE said...

You mean you want this Nate Kaeding

I guess you're right. next year I should pick Kaeding w/my first overall pick cuz he's that good!

Ferris said...

Any kicker taken before Round 16 is a bad pick, plain and simple.