Friday, October 8, 2010

Turducken League Profile of the Week

Could there be better timing to launch a new Turducken weekly series profiling each team starting with the current team on the bottom and working our way up to #1?  Not like being 1-3 at this point means anything, a win in Week 5 and Team Box will be right back in the top 8 with the rest of the league currently at 2-2.  And is it just me, or is there some interesting trade action buzzing?

QB:  Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre
RB: Michael Turner, Cedric Benson, Fred Jackson, Clinton Portis
WR: Randy Moss, Hakeem Nicks, Louis Murphy, Josh Morgan (SF), Joey Galloway (Washington)
TE: Tony Sheffler (Detroit), David Thomas (New Orleans)
D/ST: Buccaneers, Saints
K: Rob Bironas

Tier 1:
Michael Turner, Randy Moss, Cedric Benson

Tier 2:
Clinton Portis, Hakeem Nicks, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre

Tier 3:
Fred Jackson, Louis Murphy

Comments:  If Clinton Portis weren't out for a few weeks with an injury, Team Box would have a great foursome of backs, especially since Marshawn Lynch was traded to Seattle and Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller seem destined to have a healthy split of carries in Buffalo.  Michael Turner and Cedric Benson have gotten off to relatively slow starts but should start to pick up their production as Atlanta and Cincinati's matchups improve (except for Cinci's remaining games against pittsburgh and baltimore...).

Rob Bironas is a good kicker, Tennessee can move the ball pretty well but doesn't have that go to guy to catch touchdowns in the red zone.  The Saints defense will create points on special teams and with turnovers and play particularly well at home.

Now what everyone is talking about: a trade currently under league review that would send Brett Favre to teh Brklyn Brawlers for Marques Colston.   Colston would fall under the tier 2 player category, as does favre, and each have upside but serious downside.

Favre: Has a lot of weapons and proved last season he's still a great quarterback.  Lingering questions over his age and ability to sustain an entire season of punishment against some of the league's best defenses in the NFC North and AFC/NFC East teams who the Vikings are scheduled to face.  Also how much will the Vikings rely on Adrian Peterson?  Will they let Favre throw 25-30 times per game?  Plus he is retiring after this season.  Or is he....?

Colston:  Off to a slow start this year (8.5, 8.5, 4, and 5 points respectively in the first four games), lots of weapons on the Saints offense could mean reduced targets some games, but once the saints pick it up on offense they can easily put up 500 yards passing and 4-5 touchdowns, which is plenty to go around.  In the first four weeks of 2009, Colston only averaged 12 points per game... it wasn't until weeks 5-7 that he put up 26, 16, and 17).  Could that be the case again this year?

What do you think of the trade considering Team Box and Brklyn Brwlers??

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MC ENTIRE said...

not that i'm biased or anything, but think it's pretty fair. essentially, on our current rosters, these are 2 bench guys being traded. I need a backup QB and CB needs WR depth.

i had colston last year and he got off to a slow start and then picked it up midway through the season and ended up as a top 10 WR. although his production hasn't been there this year he is getting a lot of targets from Brees-as many as anybody else on the team- they're just not connecting on the big plays or scoring plays...yet.

Favre hasn't been good this year-nowhere near the numbers he put had put up last year. The Vikes have been relying heavily on AP and it's like they're playing the waiting game until they Rice back, but now you throw Moss in the mix and it will be interesting. Favre still likes to go deep, but he doesn't have quite as much on the ball as he used to-seems like Moss could be a great decoy and open up the field for Harvin on crossing routes.

Really this trade could be a complete bust for both of us as easily as huge steal, but i think the risk and rewards are equally matched...