Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 4: Under the Radar

The first week Fantasy teams are dipping into their benches with the bye week, unless your like me that has umm...well, underperformed starters?!? Yes, that's it. Wake up boys! Here are some guys that have favorable match ups this week or I just have a good feeling about. Logic out the window and here we go.

BYE Week Teams: Cowboys, Chiefs, Vikings, and Bucs.

Maurice Jones Drew: Yes, he was off to board by pick #5 in 99.99% of all fantasy drafts, but thus far has been a DUD and off the radar, but alas he gets to play a suspect run defense of the Colts and if the Jags have a pea-sized collective brain between the collective coaches then they'll know they need to play like the Texans did in week 1 and RUN THE BALL again and again and again. MJD gets 30 touches and one of those will actually be for a TD.

Louis Murphy: The Oakland receiver has established himself as a legit starter. I mean it. His stats are better than Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, and Hines Ward to name a few. Get him off the wire or get him in your lineup.

Zach Miller: Why? Texans can't cover the TE.

LaDanian Tomlinson: Playing Buffalo and although they are better now that Trent Edwards has been benched, it's still Buffalo. He's nicely established himself as Rex Ryan's go to man. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and is making each game an FU by way of Thank You to the Chargers. No wonder Ryan loves a reject.

Cedric Benson: He's been playing okay, but has started to pick up steam. Look for him to go full speed ahead again Cleveland today.

Johnny Knox: Playing the Giants on Sunday night he'll have some good match-ups. The only question will be which Jay Cutler shows up.

Sam Bradford: He's at home and coming off his first NFL victory. He'll make that his 2nd win today against Seattle. He's not an everyday starter, but if he's on the wire and you need a back up then he's worth a look.

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