Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 5 Power Rankings

A bit of movement on the power rankings this week, and if you check the transaction wire things are abuzz around the league.  Cadillac Williams has changed teams and the PreSeason Champs picked up the Rams defense, probably since they are playing the Lions this week.

One sidenote - if you look at the standings and each team's total points scored, it almost goes perfectly in order from top to bottom.  Let's see how long that lasts.

We've got one team undefeated and seven teams deadlocked with 2-2 records.  Who will start to pull ahead??? On to this week's rankings!

1) Team Murkin Man (Last week: #1): Still undefeated, TMM will look to role with minimal impact by this week's byes against the Bklyn Brwlers, winners of their last two after a slow start to the season.  Look for Ray Rice's #s to begin to pick up but DeSean Jackson to have lower output until Michael Vick returns to take control of the Eagles offense from Captain Check-Down, Kevin Kolb.

2) Manhattan Maddenisms  (#2)- Six of the Maddenism players are on the injury report or on a bye this week which might be some kind of record.  But Adrian Peterson and Antonio Gates still make the Maddenisms a favorite to continue to put pressure on Team Murkin Man.

3) GSO Bayern Ballboys (#3) - GSO has put up over 100 points in 3 of their first 4 games and is looking for its first back-to-back wins of the season this week against the Dementors.  Besides a small lack of depth at running back, their wide receiver corps is deep and have some very favorable matchups this week.  Look for a lot of points and a big win for GSO to keep them in the chase for 1st place.   

4) GaGa's Penis (#4) - Pop quiz!  which GGP running back leads the team in average points per game?  If you guessed 2009 league leading rusher Chris Johnson, you owe GGP a beer!  Peyton Hillis, whether you buy the hype or not, has put up some monster consistent numbers.  GGP will hope Chris Johnson can start to do the same, and their points and win total will start to climb.

5) Chelsea Pirates (#5) -  The Pirates lost a nail-biter to GSO in Week 4 largely in part to Brandon Marshall forgetting that he is a professional football player on national tv on monday night.  Santonio Holmes returns this week, however, and Rashard Mendenhall will come off Pittsburgh's bye next week rested and with the return of 2-time superbowl champion and skeezeball, Big Ben Roth. 

6)  BKLYN Brwlers (#8) - The first team to move up in the power rankings, the Brwlers are teaching a class in how to mix experience with young up and coming players.  How LaDanian Tomlinson and Ryan Matthews do for the next few weeks will go a long way in determining where the Brwlers will be standings wise at the end of the season.  

7) Pre Season Champs (#6) - Despite the Champs owner saying he'd rather see the Lions win than beat his week 4 opponent in Fantasy football (his rationale? The Champs have better odds of winning one more game this season), the Lions lost and the Champs prevailed.  Drew Brees will start to fire it up sooner or later, and if the Packers ever decide to run the ball John Kuhn has shown a few flashes of brilliance.

8) Oaktown Griz (#7) - A tough week #4 for the Griz, as recently acquired Pierre Thomas sat out nursing an injured hamstring.  Only two players scored over ten points for the Griz last week, and one was their kicker.  Once a few injury and bye week woes clear up though, the Griz will be in a much better place.  And while everyone is buzzing about the Randy Moss pickup helping Brett Favre's #s, look for Visanthe Shiancoe to reap the benefits as well as Moss will draw double coverage leaving Shiancoe more space up the middle.

9)  DC Dementors (#12) - The other big team to make a big jump this week is the DC Dementors.  A little thin at running back, but with the Giants offense clicking, Eli and Steve Smith can really carry this team.  DC has great plays at Wide Receiver, why else would someone keep Mark Clayton on the bench when matched up against Detroit?  DC may not get the win this week against GSO but every point will count when determining the top 8 seeds come playoff time (just 8 weeks away!).  
10) Gowanus Grwlers - 6 Grwlers are on their bye this week (must be synched up or something), but Gowanus are hoping that their Miami running back tandem of Ronnie Brown and RIcky Williams come back ready to play.  Their chances to steal a win this week against Kathleen Turner Overdrive will depend on Jay Cutler's availability after suffering a concussion in Week 4 since usual starter Tom Brady is off.     

11) Kathleen Turner Overdrive - Injuries and bye weeks can be a turducken team killer, and while KTO sits above Oaktown, DC, and Gowanus in the official standings, two injuries to starting WRs Steve Smith and Austin Collie could be a real damper on KTO's chances at moving up to the 3-2 club.  Then again, if the playoffs started this weekend, KTO would be IN, and their chance to win the league alive.

12) Team Box -  After being the only team to complain publicly about their ranking in week 4, Team Box players couldn't put up double digit performances, including usually reliable Randy Moss (who unbeknownst to anyone Monday night was on the verge of being traded so kept largely out of action), Michael Turner, and Clinton Portis (who was knocked out by an injury).  And after leading the Redskins down for an opening drive touchdown against the Eagles in his homecoming, Donovan McNabb went cold and finished with a subpar QB rating.  What will the Randy Moss to minnesota trade do for Team Box, as they have both Brett Favre and the happily relocated WR???

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